Friday, April 02, 2010

stage one prototype working

well the first prototype for the magic lantern has blinken licthen =) am pretty happy with how it turned out. it has six banks of three LEDs spaced evenly around the gap between the external ground rail and the internal power rail...

the arduino will sit in the middle of the inner ring, and all the transistors will be driven from the PWM pins.the leds will draw about 200mA when on full, need to figure out how much current the arduino draws. still need to work out a simple charging method. four AA cells should last several hours. this means that we can charge them from the solar panels directly with a suitable regulator. or we can pull the AA cells out and charge them from a 240v system powered by solar.

so, this is the first part of the magic lantern. todays work was all about displaying patters of light. the second part is interacting with other lanterns. this will require an RF module. however i haven't made up my mind about which module to use yet. it looks like the lobethal lights festival is already using a zigbee for another project, but these puppies start around $40 each. little bird electronics has a $9 module that might work quite well, but we would like to interact with other projects. more on the that later...

Photos here.

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