Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wordpress-MU deployment at work

I'm rather happy that this project is finally coming to an end. I've moved jobs within the University of Adelaide, but I'm still working on our blog servers. It's funny how projects follow you around. Before the underlying infrastructure, now the actual blogs.

So it has an actual blog on it and we've put up a bunch of video from the Open Day we had a month back. The AV guys did a great job. So in time we'll move across other news sites from the main web site to the blog. While I've been hacking away in perl for the last few months and really enjoying that, Wordpress-MU or WPMU is in PHP. I haven't really done any serious work in PHP since I've been back in Australia, but its not hard to get updates in there =)

Kudos goes to Phil for content and plugins, and Scott for themes. Also the Open Day crew for great work organising all the speakers and video.