Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SolderSmoke 126.mp3 is out

Yes, thats right, SolderSmoke is back \o/ Head on over, download, listen and enjoy. Damn just got up and have to hop on the bus right now, but I'll be listening to is ASAP!

SolderSmoke 126.mp3
October 11, 2010
SolderSmoke returns!
Shack #7: The New Shack
Drake 2-B inhaling RF
Listening to 75 AM and SSB: WA1HLR, KM1A
Time signal on 3820 +/-?
Repairing DaVinci Code QRSS rig
UK test gear works fine on this side of pond!
Computer woes: First Linux SolderSmoke
Astronomy from inside the Beltway
Winter SPRAT: Great info, philosophy, inspiration
Charging up solar cells
Inbound Boatanchors: DX-40, DX-60, HQ-100, HA-600(A), HT-37

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