Sunday, June 26, 2011

Study for license upgrade nearly complete

I have been studying for the Standard license upgrade course with Paul Hoffman, VK5PH, for the last three months. 12 weeks on a Tuesday evening with a dozen other hopeful students.

Well the last class was last week and I have a few things I need to re-read. Given my results on the in class practice exams, Paul has suggested I actually sit the Advanced theory first instead of the Standard theory. On the Advanced practice exam I would just scrape a pass mark. Not confident enough just yet. Good news is I am pretty confident about getting 90+% for the Standard theory and the Regulations.

The exam in this coming weekend. So I have to make up my mind about which exam to sit. I would love to do the Advanced and be done with it.

I have a couple of topics that I am not confident yet, mainly Valves, transmission lines and antenna loading. I have four nights free this week, so I will read up and see how things go =)

The really hard part is choosing to let the ACMA/WIA give me the next available callsign or choose one of my own. $5 or $20 respectively. Decisions, decisions...


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