Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have mail

This afternoon I came home after work and pfaffed about a bit before realizing that I had not checked the mail. So I did.

I have a couple letters there, after discarding the twenty or so political spam, I found a letter from the ACMA and a hand addressed envelope that was rather battered. Seems to be a local specialty.

So I rushed inside and opened them all up. So I need to renew my license, its about that time. The second was from Terry. Now I was excited!

To my surprise, not one, but three T37 toroids were to be found inside! two -2's and a -6.

So over the next couple of days there will be some winding a happening for the BPF of the DC Rx!

Then perhaps a low pass filter for a Pixie2? Or perhaps I might make another from scratch and lay it up on a new board, smaller than the last. Or perhaps a doubly balanced mixer?

Kudos to Terry, now to get you back =)

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