Sunday, March 07, 2010

More work on QRSS DC Rx and a photo

Its been a slow week, been home crook most of it. Done a few odd jobs around the house and have been meaning to post this image for a few days. Made a saw horse for working with longer lengths of timber. Getting the paint striping out of the way, so we can repaint the study. Along with lots of reading.

Have added some more components to the QRSS DC Rx. Took this photo before adding the front end capacitors. Spent some time working out a replacement for the T37-6 transformer. Came to the conclusion that I couldn't do it with the materials that I have. Terry has come to the rescue however, he has just received a parcel of various toroids, transistors, etc. Terry has offered to send me one, so I am expecting one in the mail any day now =) This has been along time coming. Really looking forward to getting this rig on the air!

Ooops, just realised that I've not yet put on the feedback resistors... More work to go =)



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