Monday, May 03, 2010

30 meter receive dipole up

On Saturday Karl, VK5FOSS came over and we hacked together a new antenna for 30 meters. Its amazing what a second pair of hands can help achieve, with masts and measuring. The dipole is for 10.140MHz receive for QRSS. Runs approximately North-South, so should have VK2ZAY broadside off the eastern lobe. Maybe VK1AA also.

I no longer have a dipole for 40 meters. To be honest I wasn't using it very much. There just isn't space at the moment. Everything on the work bench/kitchen table is a little bit crowded, aiming to take a week off work soon and get stuck into the painting in the spare room that will become a study for the XYL, then shuffle things around and prepare my study/shack.


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