Sunday, May 16, 2010

80 meter DC Rx - Debugging AF Amp

This morning I dug out the old signal injector, that I picked up at an auction a while back and proceeded to fumble my way around the AF Amp from the crystal ear piece back towards the input. Signal from the input of the PNP, but not from the input of the NPN. So out with the datasheet, original circuit diagram from G3RJV and my hand drawn copy. I was looking for mistakes in my copy again, when I noticed that the CBE notation on the PNP and NPN. I had correctly copied them down, but wondered if my implementation on the board was correct. The 2N3904 datasheet said no, I had swapped the C for E on the NPN... Fired up the soldering iron, and went off to make a cup of coffee. Ten minutes later I had the signal injector sending a wave through the whole amplifier now. Success at last!

So I reassembled the AF Amp board on the main board and turned it all on. Still no HF static, so I proceeded to poke around with the signal injector, when I put it on the antenna input I could hear some HF static. Well I think it is. It is quite possible that the RF oscillator isn't puting out enough power to turn on the diodes in the ring mixer. Now to make a RF power meter and test the mixer.

You will note in the images, the 'temporary' work bench with tools, the radio shack signal inject has been a good investment and the NPN transistor - 2N3904 - now in the correct orientation.


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