Sunday, May 24, 2009

Band Pass Filters

Last night I built up an input band pass filter. The point of this little beastie is filter out the RF from above and below the band or radio frequency that you want to receive on.

I found a page on the band pass filters.

So the original Pixie 2 circuit - a direct conversion receiver I'd like to use for QRSS - has a low pass filter. Firstly, the reason the BPF project was started, is to remove all the spurious noise from other bands. Mainly the huge signal from the commercial AM broadcasters around 1.8MHz. Secondly, I want to make pretty sure that I'm not spraying harmonics across higher bands.

Some testing with the original LPF from the crystal oscillator shows a nice sine wave like signal with some noise on the peak of the upper cycle. However the Chebyshev BFP has lots of harmonics and looks like its attenuating a lot. I need to get some advice on reading the output of my CRO. Also a spectrum analyzer would be a very hand tool. But I'm not real happy with the output of the Chebyshev, it actually looks worse than the input side from the oscillator.

It seems, on advice from VK5TR / VK5JST, that many of the generic toroids from Altronics, DSE & Jaycar, may not have a suitable Q factor. Jim suggested the FT68-41 toroid cores. The suggested core is the T94-6. Will have to find a source of toroids specifically for the purpose. Not found any local suppliers, but will keep looking.

BPF == band pass filter
LPF == low pass filter
HPF == high pass filter
CRO == cathode ray oscilloscope
harmonics == multiples of the frequency that you are generating


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