Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun with radio - part 2

Now that I have built a receiver, as the first stage in a QRSS grabber, how do I calibrate it?

I commented in Bills blog, SolderSmoke News, about the how the two pixie 2's David Rowe and I built were not on the same frequency despite being the same circuit. They are about 2KHz apart, which we put down to the tolerances in the components.

My HF rig has a 'digial readout' that measures down to 1KHz increments. QRSS uses a 'band' of 100Hz wide. Thats right, a tenth of what my smallest increment on the HF rig. So how to I measure that?

I'm looking to build a frequency counter or meter. Are there homebrew designs out there?

kim vk5fnet

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