Wednesday, April 21, 2010

80 meter DC Rx step 1 - Diode ring mixer

Decided to take a break from the QRSS Rx. Its doing _something_ but I don't know if its on frequency or if the bandpass filter is obliterating the incoming RF or if my antenna is really crap.

So I hunted around for another project to keep myself busy with in the mean time. Picked up a copy of Practical Wireless, February 2010. George Dobbs G3RJV, has a receiver first built in 1968 that he re-explores. An 80 meter DC Rx.

Thought it might be a simpler project to work my way through. Also if it pans out, would be good to take it along to the AHARS Show and Tell night.

We just had the AHARS Members Buy and Sell night, a week ago and I purchased a handful of T37's and T50's. This will help move along a bunch of projects I have been wanting to do for ages =)

So here is the first step, the diode ring mixer in the middle of the copper clad board...

I think I will put the band pass filter on one side and the oscillator on the other and shield them both. Then add the audio board on another copper clad board. Perhaps build it up in a Haighs tin...?


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