Sunday, April 11, 2010

just finished a colpits oscillator for the DC Rx

Spent a couple of enjoyable hours here on the workbench building up a colpits oscillator, which is very similar to the one recently build by Bill, N2CQR, see over at the SolderSmoke blog.

You can see the frequency counter, 10.13805 MHz. I spent some time mucking around with the variable capacitor in series with the crystal. At best all the options I had would move the rock up or down by 100Hz. Although later when I mounted the variable capacitor in parallel with the impedance matching transformer, I noticed that it would pull it a total of 4Khz. Not sure if this is the right way to tune it, but it seems to work for now. So set it up for 10.140MHz, assembled the LO board into the little case. Hooked the audio and power up to the peecee and fired up QRSS-VD.

So much noise! I turned off everything that I didn't absolutely need and went around rearranging cables. So now the capture is cleaner. However there don't appear to be any QRSS signals in the air ...

Will do more tinkering later and check the clipboard. May need to do a lot more work on the dipole.


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