Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 meters

On the Knights QRSS mail list theres been talk of activating more HF bands. Specifically 10 and 15 meters. There issues with activating 40 meters as there are access issues for non advance licences in the US and band plan issues across Europe. Not 100% sure how 40 meters is carved up elsewhere, but in Australia, Foundation, Standard and Advance all have access from 7.000-7.300MHz.

There have been a couple of contests on 10 meters with some success. This has lead to conversations on list to start putting SDR receivers and QRSS transmitters on 10 meters. The 100Hz QRSS band is 28.188,000 - 28.188,100 MHz. Folks have used other portions of the 10 meter band, around 28.322MHz if I remember rightly. Which seems to be around the QRP and QRO un-manned beacons.

Nick, VK1AA who is shipping the G80, G40, G2030, and G5 Genesis radios, has put up an offer to send out a batch of crystals on 28.188 MHz to folks free. So long as they get a MEPT or receiver up on the air for QRSS. I shot off an email straight away and am still patiently waiting for it in the mail.

I have started mods to the W1AW NE602/LM386 direct conversion receiver I build up for 80 meters. Needs rework on the band pass filter and local oscillator. Should be fun!



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