Monday, November 16, 2009

building an oscillator

I'm built an oscillator, for 28.188MHz based on the Genesis Q5 from VK1AA. Well, I had smoke. I'm still working on the plug-in-bread-board. I think the lesson is not to use 12 volt gell cells for testing out new ideas. Can supply far too much current too quickly. Now I understand the little 9 volt battery role in life...

The little 74hc04 squealed then popped! Took only a second. I'd put the 7805 in the reverse position. Its a 50-50 chance ... Lesson there is to not turn the pluging board around all the time and loose track of the orientation of things, I think.

So with the regulator in the right way now, it gets pretty warm, so I've added a heat sink, but not tested it again. Will have another go when the 2 meter AHARS net is on this evening, in the shed.

At the end of this, I might order a G5 or two. I expect that I'll need a few for various prototypes anyway. Just want to get a couple of modular oscillators up and running for receivers =)



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