Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday works

It was pretty hot today, was forecast to be 39c. Didn't feel like it, but did slow me down running about the place getting the antenna up. None the less I have a dipole for 28.188MHz up. Its currently mounted as the third guy rope of the mast that I ran the old WiFi gear on. The router board that was running the WiFi stopped for no particular reason, so I'm suspecting the power supply section of the board, needs further investigation. I removed all the WiFi gear from the mast and reset two of the stainless steel guy ropes. Made the 10 meter antenna the third guy...

It works, probably not nearly as well as I'd like, perhaps I should build a Z-Match tuner for it instead. So, I setup the little Kenwood and tuned all around 10m. There was some fast CW but little else was heard on the band.

So, the 'ladder line' is a nasty hack. I grabbed a couple of plastic tent pegs and some cable ties. Its not so good, needs frequent adjusting. There was plenty of activity on 40 meters. This little dipole is about six meters off the ground, double the height of the previous dipole for 40m.

Actually it is the 40m dipole with the rest as the ladder line. And lots of string and a couple of eletric fence insulators. The old balun is currently in, but I'm not sure that the 4:1 is appropriate. Is a 1:1 better suited to a ladder line? Sorted out some coax and connectors too.

Dug through some boxes that I picked up at the last AHARS meet, grabbed some bits for to setup the audio into the peecee. Also found a 0C70 and a 0C71 ... I think they are germanium audio transistors.



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