Sunday, November 22, 2009

bicycle hacking imminent

grabbed a few bikes from a neighbour that was having a tidy. two BMXs, mainly for the wheels, for the long wheel base(LWB) recumbent that I've been wanting to make for a while. I made a LWB bent over at Lyns place but it has issues and needs a fair bit of work, mainly brakes and gearing. The steering is now sorted.

Also grabbed a alloy MTB that fits well enough and has a disk up front. Put a straight 26" on the back and it feels ok. Need to tweak the chain line, or drop the 1/8" chain for some thing a little more modern.

Been putting more thought into some touring. Still don't have a destination in mind. I think I want to explore the top end of Tassie and some of the northern NSW coast. Those are both big trips, so I think I better start with something smaller, closer to home and flatter =)

So anyone with suggestions of interesting places to cycle tour around Adelaide, Hills and surrounds please let me know.

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